Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 of 4 Batches Bought in the past week

Here's a decent update:

We've bought 4 big batches of records in the past week. We've already put 3 big batches out, but here's a small one of Crust/HC/80's HC. Remember, we do mailorder too. Just write us at if you'd like something. Everything is 1st come 1st served here, and in store purchases are more important to us than E-purchases. Gotta keep people coming in here, ya know?

Here we go:

AGHAST- Desolate Legacy EP (Distort Reality) $3.50
A.P.P.L.E.- Disintegrate the church an state EP (Broken Rekids) $5.00
A.P.P.L.E.- Neither Victims Nor Executioners EP (Broken Rekids) $5.00
A.P.P.L.E.- A Sensitive Fascist is very rare EP (Vinyl Communications) $5.00
BROKEN BONES- Decapitated (lim. 300 Boot white vinyl) $5.00
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE- In a few hours of madness EP (Havoc) $2.00
CLASS WAR- Better Dead than wed! (Mortorhate, bar code back) $5.00
CRUCIFIX- 1984 EP (90's Bootleg/Reissue) $10.00
DEFIANCE- Burn EP (Consensus Reality-Black) $4.00
DEFIANCE- European Tour 95 EP (Kinda worn, Consensus Reality) $3.50
DETESTATION- Europa 98 EP- $3.00
DISCHARGE- Fight Back EP (Clay Original, Good Shape) $20.00
DRILLER KILLER- L.I.F.E. EP (Covers, Distortion- Red Vinyl) $4.00
EPILEPTICS- 1970's EP (Spider Leg, good shape) $25.00
ICONS OF FILTH- No on her majestys service EP (Boot) $7.00
LEBENDEN TOTEN- Dead Noise EP (Overthrow Records, Good Shape) $15.00
LEBENDEN TOTEN- Nuclear Flowers EP (Wicked Witch Records, Good Shape) $15.00
NO FUCKER-s/t ep (with baby on front, No Real Music) $4.00
RESIST- 1st 7" (Blue Vinyl, hand numbered/150 Media Blitz) $6.00

V/A- Warning Vinyl Fanzine (Rotten Cadaver, Lebenden Toten, more) $8.00
V/A-Fukt az punx EP (Dissosociate, Battle of Disarm more) $3.00

DETESTATION- S/t LP (Profane Existence) $7.00
DUNKLE TAGE- Discography LP (Assell) $10.00
ENGLISH DOGS- Mad Punx and English Dogs 12" (Radio copy, cover's alright, vinyl's alright) $15.00
GLYCINE MAX- Violent Mind/Peaceful Heart LP (Voltic, ok shape) $6.00
LEBENDEN TOTEN- State Laughter LP (Wicked Witch, Nice Shape) $20.00
MODERAT LIKVIDATION- Mammutation LP (D Takt) $10.00
MOTORHEAD- No Remorse 2xLP (Beat up) $6.00

V/A- KILLED BY FINNISH HARDCORE- (Compilation w/Melakka, Riistetyt, etc) $15.00
V/A- PEACE/WAR Comp 2xlp W/BOOKLET! Nice shape too! (R RADICAL) $40.00

Other Small Odds and ends from the other collections just going out:


BLOWFLY- Farenheit 69 LP (Alt. tent) $7.00
BLOTTO- My name is Blotto LP (1980) $6.00
CANADIAN RIFLE- Visibility Zero LP (Residue) $7.00
RIGHTEOUS JAMS- Rage of Discipline LP (Black, Lockin Out) $12.00
STRIKING DISTANCE- March to Your Grave LP (Black, Young Blood) $10.00
VITAMIN X- Full Scale Assault LP (Tankcrimes, mint) $9.00

Got a whole bunch more like SXE hardcore etc....By the end of the day...

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