Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some New Stuff....

Hoehnie Records Restocks and new stuff came in today (A HUGE BOX): Appendix- Money is Not My Currency LP, Asta Kask- Rock Mot Svinen LP and Til Sista Droppen EP, The Annoyed LP, Kaaos- Totalinen Kaaos LP, Kaansan Uttiset- Beautiful Dreams 2xlp, Riistetyt- HC Revival LPs, Terveet Kadet- Aareton Propagandha LP, Versante Steikfinder LP, V/A Propagandha Hardcore 83 LP, V/A Russia Bombs Finland LP....You get the idea. Classic Finnish and Swedish HC from the 80's. LPs- 14.99, EPs- 6.99

As well as some rare black metal- CARPATHIAN FOREST- Fuck you All Lp (Back on Black) $25.00, MAYHEM- Wolfs Lair Abyss LP (Back on Black) $20.00, LEVIATHIAN- Silhouette in Splinters LP (Color Vinyl) $30.00, ABIGOR- Nachtsomething....LP gatefold lim. to 500, $20.00

Still yet to add a bunch of used stuff that's come in the past few days. But through this i sold a few things from the list from yesterday...and in the store we sold a bunch of it as well.

GONE: English Dogs LP, Lebenden Toten LP and EPs, Crucifix EP, Discharge EP, both DEFIANCE Eps.

Anyway too busy but yeah there's a little update.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 of 4 Batches Bought in the past week

Here's a decent update:

We've bought 4 big batches of records in the past week. We've already put 3 big batches out, but here's a small one of Crust/HC/80's HC. Remember, we do mailorder too. Just write us at if you'd like something. Everything is 1st come 1st served here, and in store purchases are more important to us than E-purchases. Gotta keep people coming in here, ya know?

Here we go:

AGHAST- Desolate Legacy EP (Distort Reality) $3.50
A.P.P.L.E.- Disintegrate the church an state EP (Broken Rekids) $5.00
A.P.P.L.E.- Neither Victims Nor Executioners EP (Broken Rekids) $5.00
A.P.P.L.E.- A Sensitive Fascist is very rare EP (Vinyl Communications) $5.00
BROKEN BONES- Decapitated (lim. 300 Boot white vinyl) $5.00
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE- In a few hours of madness EP (Havoc) $2.00
CLASS WAR- Better Dead than wed! (Mortorhate, bar code back) $5.00
CRUCIFIX- 1984 EP (90's Bootleg/Reissue) $10.00
DEFIANCE- Burn EP (Consensus Reality-Black) $4.00
DEFIANCE- European Tour 95 EP (Kinda worn, Consensus Reality) $3.50
DETESTATION- Europa 98 EP- $3.00
DISCHARGE- Fight Back EP (Clay Original, Good Shape) $20.00
DRILLER KILLER- L.I.F.E. EP (Covers, Distortion- Red Vinyl) $4.00
EPILEPTICS- 1970's EP (Spider Leg, good shape) $25.00
ICONS OF FILTH- No on her majestys service EP (Boot) $7.00
LEBENDEN TOTEN- Dead Noise EP (Overthrow Records, Good Shape) $15.00
LEBENDEN TOTEN- Nuclear Flowers EP (Wicked Witch Records, Good Shape) $15.00
NO FUCKER-s/t ep (with baby on front, No Real Music) $4.00
RESIST- 1st 7" (Blue Vinyl, hand numbered/150 Media Blitz) $6.00

V/A- Warning Vinyl Fanzine (Rotten Cadaver, Lebenden Toten, more) $8.00
V/A-Fukt az punx EP (Dissosociate, Battle of Disarm more) $3.00

DETESTATION- S/t LP (Profane Existence) $7.00
DUNKLE TAGE- Discography LP (Assell) $10.00
ENGLISH DOGS- Mad Punx and English Dogs 12" (Radio copy, cover's alright, vinyl's alright) $15.00
GLYCINE MAX- Violent Mind/Peaceful Heart LP (Voltic, ok shape) $6.00
LEBENDEN TOTEN- State Laughter LP (Wicked Witch, Nice Shape) $20.00
MODERAT LIKVIDATION- Mammutation LP (D Takt) $10.00
MOTORHEAD- No Remorse 2xLP (Beat up) $6.00

V/A- KILLED BY FINNISH HARDCORE- (Compilation w/Melakka, Riistetyt, etc) $15.00
V/A- PEACE/WAR Comp 2xlp W/BOOKLET! Nice shape too! (R RADICAL) $40.00

Other Small Odds and ends from the other collections just going out:


BLOWFLY- Farenheit 69 LP (Alt. tent) $7.00
BLOTTO- My name is Blotto LP (1980) $6.00
CANADIAN RIFLE- Visibility Zero LP (Residue) $7.00
RIGHTEOUS JAMS- Rage of Discipline LP (Black, Lockin Out) $12.00
STRIKING DISTANCE- March to Your Grave LP (Black, Young Blood) $10.00
VITAMIN X- Full Scale Assault LP (Tankcrimes, mint) $9.00

Got a whole bunch more like SXE hardcore etc....By the end of the day...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hey everyone,

Got some PORCODIO Tapes made. Members of Government Warning and Anti You Playing authentic sounding 80's Italian style HC ala IMPACT, WRETCHED, DECLINO, INDIGESTI. Come in to the shop or pick one up through our webstore at

Also, got 2 collections of kick ass stuff in the past couple days (Everything from killer rare powerviolence to classic 80's punk and hardcore to pop punk like MR. T Experience!)

I'm liking this VERY EASY TO USE BLOG!

New Blog Site Up!

Didn't know this was this easy! More to come